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EOW is a mobile computer training facility that has been set up inside a mobile vehicle with 9 workstations and 18 seating capacities. It is ported with 9 laptops, a LED screen, and other train- ing accessories. The van is powered by a solar panel to provide an uninterrupted power supply to electrical accessories during training in villages. The bus is parked at a proper place in the village where the students of that village come for the training program.


In this computer training course mainly, fundamental topics are being covered under the EOW project such as Introduction to Computers and its components, Tux typing, Paint, Notepad, Word Pad, MS Office, and Open Office tools, Internet Browsing, Email Important Websites (My gov, Grievance Resolution portals, etc.) Digital Banking, Internet-related topics (depending up on the availability of the services in the village).


  • Building self-confidence
  • Enhancing social respect
  • Helping students to complete school/ college computer courses
  • Providing easy availability of computer literate manpower in remote villages
  • Opening the doors of the digital world
  • Providing Ease of internet surfing, train ticket bookings, learning online courses, online exam
  • Providing opportunity for employment in computer industry and other related avenues
  • Bridging the digital gap of rural & urban India