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WEC (women empowerment center) model has been identified keeping in view of the employment, empowerment, and entrepreneurship development at village or community level to the unemployed youths and their overall socio-economic development.

In this project, tailoring training is being provided in order to eradicate poverty; encourage women empowerment; to boost their self-confidence, and make them financially independent. Students of all batches found the training beneficial as they are utilizing their knowledge and experience in their lives by earning money. They are also helping their families and neighbors.


  • The trained women in the village are an inspiration for the other nearby
  • They are not only economically benefitting their village but also creating awareness among the village dominating society towards the
  • Due to the increase in employment among women, the drudgery which seems to be a so- called tradition in the past mostly practiced by men has also marked a slight decrease in drinking
  • The tailoring program has helped women become technical resource persons to deal with the stitching, handloom, and hand embroidery works at the village
  • Many women have become entrepreneurs and are now a helping hand, providing training and raising skilled workers from among the other girls and women
  • They are not only a village trainer but are also feeding their families and are enjoying a happy life providing the fee for education
  • Economic impact: As per the reports obtained from the village, a single woman earns up to 4000-5000 per month on an average